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It’s alive!


Totally forgot this page existed. If you’re interested in the latest and well, who am I kidding… Okay, just the latest ramblings, click over to FuckGas.com


While this place is obviously brushed under the rug and forgotten, the aforementioned dot com local is generally not so much. Yes, it’s the same collection of useless rambling and bullshit, but at least by reading there you’re seemingly up to date. Thanks for understanding.




Head on over to FuckGas.org >>>


The new site – FuckGas.org – is where you’ll find all the latest and greatest pertaining to Fuck Gas & friends.

New Site Fuckers!

So I got WordPress up and running on the new site, I just need to get the theme finished up and it will be good to go. For the time being you can go there and read the latest news in Fuck Gas land, it just looks boring as shit.

Check it out… FuckGas.org

Geared up

So much for that t-shirt and shorts weather shit. It’s mid thirties at the moment and supposed to rain for the rest of the week. Hopefully the rain will keep the temperature reasonable but I think autumn left town with that last warm front. Looks like i’ll be giving all this rain gear a real test all week. See you out there.

Outer Loop Ghost Bike


I am heading out to chain up another Ghost Bike this evening for an accident I should have recognized a while back. I was contacted by the victims sister thru GhostBikes.org as she was understandably upset that her brothers death did not receive the same attention as Jens did last month. This is something I think everyone in the riding community needs to take to heart. It’s a tough situation and being that Jens accident happened in such close proximity to where so many of us ride every day I understand why it gained the attention it did. However, I think everyone needs to step up when these accidents occur, regardless of what area of town it is in, if we are ever going to be taken seriously. Otherwise, we all look like a group of clique-ish assholes.

Back to the Outer Loop – The incident happened a couple months ago along the Outer Loop just outside of Louisville. The Outer Loop is not anything like what you would consider bike friendly with its 4 lanes and 45 mile an hour speed limit with the majority of traffic driving at least 50. The details I have been able to retrieve are as follows. Vance Kokojan was riding in the right lane, where the “law” states he should have been. While being passed by a tractor trailor driving in the left lane an impatient driver darted into the right lane out from behind the truck and struck Vance. As is the case in such incidents, the driver was simply allowed to go about thier day while another family was torn apart.

As I have stated before, jail is not the answer here. This looks to have been another careless accident. Because of the accidental nature I don’t feel locking the driver in a cage for some duration is going to solve anything. While nothing can be done to bring Vance back, I feel financial restitution to the victims family is the best available outcome. From what I have read, this was a man with a family who depended on his financial support and because of the carelessness of this driver a family has had that support stripped from them. I know this can sound cold and impersonal but I sincerely feel it is a legitimate solution.

When you start affecting people’s bank accounts they really start listening and paying attention to their actions. When you drive a car the consequences for your inattentive actions can be deadly. For whatever reason, this is simply not respected in our society.

River Rambled

Saturday, November 8 saw the Fuck Gas River Ramble entered into the history books. As what seems to be a great meeting point, we started off grilling and hanging out pre-ride at On Your Left Cycles. This was a great environment. People from all different scenes coming together for the love of riding with BMX, Road, fixed and cruisers all represented. Everyone had a chance to get a bite to eat thanks to the generosity of Gary & Suzanne (Fuck Gas co-conspirators & propietors of the soon to be Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor), Derek (On Your Left co-owner) & myself. I’ll give Leland a mention as well for showing up with the extra charcoal, but considering he was late as fuck in his usual fashion, we’ll leave that one alone.

After all the food had been properly handled we mounted up, music blaring and headed west into the chilly night air. Considering this was a late night November ride, I don’t think we could have gotten better weather. The thermometer resting around 50 was good news. Heading thru the city and out onto the river walk following the Ohio River the temperature dropped a few degrees but it seemed by then everyone was having too much fun to really notice.

There was a short stop once arriving outside the Portland neighborhood to regroup as some people ride faster than others and this also allowed for our appointed photographer for the evening, Dan Meece, to get a couple group shots. Back on the trail we proceeded past the McAlpine locks, all poles avoided luckily and into the woods along Shawnee golf course. This is where everyones lights were essential. Although, I would say this was probably the most enjoyable part of the ride. Twenty something bikes flying thru the woods after dark, lights blazing along a 6 foot wide path. Good times.

Once we finally made it to Shawnee, more regrouping and a short rest while everyone decided to keep heading west along Southwestern Parkway and into Chickasaw park. A quick lap there then a return lap of Shawnee and we were back on the trail and towards the city. All poles and fences avoided once again while the only altercation came from a bewildered security guard at the locks coming after Derek. Apparently you’re not supposed to be on public property at that hour? Fuck that.

Back into the city and another successful Fuck Gas ride in the memory banks. Next month’s ride is in the works so don’t miss it. Stay up to date with all we’ve got going on at the new site (up and running tonight…) FuckGas.org

Thanks to Derek, Drew, Leland, Gary, Suzanne, and Dan for everything. It just keeps getting better.

Ho Lee Shit

So yeah, If you weren’t there last night you’re a fucking loser. Plain and simple. Easily the best ride yet and apparently there’s nothing better than the river walk at night. Great turn out, good grilling, blinky lights to boot.

Pictures coming soon thanks to Dan Meece.