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Election Night

I’ve got a few observations after today. The first being that the American people, here in Louisville at least, are so far gone I am truly amazed and scared. Indoctrination does not even begin to put things into perspective. My most memorable negative moment of the day was the little old lady driving by yelling “so do you.” This I can only assume was her confused reaction to the sign I was holding which read “Democracy Sucks! – One Size Does Not Fit All.” I say confused because by her remark that so did I also suck, then she would have been agreeing with me that democracy sucked and there by agreeing with me so in turn… why would I suck? Regardless, I’m calling the day a success do to the good conversations I had with a few open minded people.

Second, the majority of people I encountered in the Highlands are the least open minded human beings I have ever dealt with. I really don’t know what to say. I had some of the rudest most asinine remarks during the second half of my day spent there. To top it off, all the shit being spewed by these delightful human beings was done so the second they were able to speed off in the SUVs. No surprise there.

So, like I said I’m calling my day a success. Certainly not a success in the fact that most of you are selecting other people to make decisions for you. Really now, I would just like you to consider thinking this over from this point on. Not the next election, not the next important senate or congressional bill you hear about from from this point on. Consider living your life the way you see fit. Not the majority of the country, not the 533 millionaires in D.C. and not Barak Obama (am I too early on that?). Fuck voting, embrace direct action and non-violent civil disobedience. Please.

Have a great night, I’ve got some beers to see to.


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