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Looney Toones


So I received this absurd cartoon on my desk from a coworker this afternoon. Apparently it was run in the paper this morning and I must say that it is very telling of the mindset held by the majority of Americans. As well, I had a similar discussion, as we’ll call it, on message board last night. I just want to point out that voting for these representatives as is done under the American system, actually hands over your so-called power. By voting and participating in this system, you have chosen to elect a representative that will use their power to pass laws and regulations that in turn control your life.

Voting consists of checking a box. Sorry, but that is not power. Individuals who practice in direct action are the most powerful people in the world, be it free or otherwise. Don’t be fooled. Power is taking the responsibility for your daily life into your own hands and living the life that you know is best for yourself. Stop hiding behind democracy and be accountable for your actions. After all, as it is so frequently put – if you’re not doing anything wrong what do you have to be afraid of?

At the moment I really can’t help but feel that Mahatma Gandhi put it best by saying “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Did you read that? “BE the change…” not vote for the change. Not elect the change. Be the change. Say it outloud, “BE the change.” It’s a good one. It’s a tough one too. It takes a lot of responsibility. You have to depend on yourself to do the things you think are right. Instead of voting every couple years for some asshole that you hope that, with somewhat similar views, will tell everyone how to live their lives, you have to instead go about it yourself. I see why the American people love voting so much. Being the fattest laziest nation in the world it makes perfect sense. Just get my big ass off the couch for a couple elections and I can get someone else to change the country for me.

Why are people so hell-bent on wanting everyone to live their lives by the same values? The only rule I can understand that makes any sense is that of “Do No Harm.” It’s that simple. If there is no victim then I don’t see the crime or moral delima. If I am not hurting another person or their property then what is the problem?

I’d love to hear your answers…


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