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The confusion ensues

When some kook, usually in a hideous SUV or convertible, yells at me for running and red light and in the same exchange tells me to get the fuck off the road I can’t help but be amused by the ordeal. I guess as long as the law I’m breaking doesn’t slow them down and add six seconds to their drive to the gas station then they don’t mind. Or perhaps they just get pissed because they’re scared to run the light and in turn are just jealous that I keep moving and they keep stopping.

Whatever it is, I am at the receiving end of this exchange more that I can count. I used to get pissed. This sort of thing would ruin the rest of my ride and I would be even more aggressive with every encounter. It sucked. Not anymore though. Not sure when or what made me change my outlook on it but it has happened. Nowadays I just wave. Yelling back at somebody that is already out of range doesn’t get a lot accomplished. More so, it makes you look like just as much of an asshole as the other guy, or gal as the case may be.

I have found waving or giving a big thumbs up just makes me enjoy the situation. “Hi, you’re an asshole. I’ll just keep pedaling and pass you at the next light and we can try this again.”


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