First I would just like to note how fucked up it is that the beauty of fall has to proceed the hell of winter the way it does…

Any way, November 7th and I rode to work this morning in a t-shirt and shorts. Damn it’s nice outside and better yet, the weather should be even nicer than I first expected for tomorrow nights River Ramble. Looking to be about 50 (F) come ride time – 8ish. Should be a hell of a ride to say goodbye summer and dreadfully welcome winter with.

Speaking of winter, we’re not slowing down one bit. Don’t think just because it’s cold outside that your beloved Fuck Gas won’t be organizing any rides. We don’t fuck around so niether should you. We said every month and we mean every month. Rain, sleet or snow we will be pedaling our asses around town. The way I see it, the more you’re out in slop, the more used to it you get. Don’t be scared.


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