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It’s alive!


Totally forgot this page existed. If you’re interested in the latest and well, who am I kidding… Okay, just the latest ramblings, click over to FuckGas.com


While this place is obviously brushed under the rug and forgotten, the aforementioned dot com local is generally not so much. Yes, it’s the same collection of useless rambling and bullshit, but at least by reading there you’re seemingly up to date. Thanks for understanding.





Thanks to everyone that came out for the 40oz Fun Run! Good times looked to be had by all and considering the only fatality was my own collar bone and bottom left rib, I’d call it a success. Holy shit this hurts… at any rate, stay tuned for details regarding next month’s debauchery. It’s looking like bowling will be involved. More soon…

operation “awareness”

hello all, and welcome to fuck gas. a website devoted to the retardation of gas and its effect on the american culture. basically, “if your scared go to church”. i think the majority of the people of this country have taken for granted the prices of our so called, “black gold”. check yo self fool. fuck gas ride a bike. our campaign will start very soon. look at it as more of a movement to stick it to the man, literally.  as soon as the stickers are ready and you want in… email a self address envelope to p.o. box 197535 louisville, kentucky 40259 for your free propaganda stickers to stick where ever you see fit… gas pumps, your bikes, your buddies bikes, cop cars, basically anywhere the can be publicly seen. your job as a member is to send us photos of these random acts for our own personal pleasure… i’ll keep you posted  when the shipment is coming in… stay tuned. this is only the start of something beautiful. this isn’t only for the cool kids either, its for the love of the ride. if that makes any sense at all…