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tn914One last reminder for everyone! River Ramble TONIGHT!

I’ve got to get some mixes together to go along with this contraption that will be strapped to my bike for the ride. It’s the first time I’ve used it so we’ll see how it goes.

The Fuck Gas River Ramble

leaves from On Your Left Cycles

Potluck & beers: 7pm

Ride: around 8

Remember your lights and bundle up, it’s gonna be chilly. As well, don’t be scared to bring some side items to share with your fellow riders… chips, salsa, beans, whatever.


Review – Chrome Bags


A messenger I am not (unfortunately – don’t forget about me Jeremy!), but a daily bike rider I am. When one rides a bike most places, a bag is a good thing to have. Better yet, a weather proof, comfortable and simple to use bag is even better. For this I use Chrome bags. Sewing out of San Francisco, Chrome uses what seems to be the industry standard Cordura (a high-performance Nylon66 product) as well as a heavy duty “truck tarp” liner system that keeps everything on the inside dry in inclement conditions.

I actually own two Chrome bags. I have a Citizen Messenger bag for most everyday use. At 1400 cu. inches it allows plenty of room for my work clothes and laptop during the week and on the weekends it will easily hold your 12 pack plus some. Then there’s the grocery getter, the massive Backbone Messenger backpack. At 2400 cu in, there’s enough room in there for my 3 year old son with room to grow. This one usually comes out for the grocery trips like I mentioned or if need be, due to the amazing water proof liner, can be used for a cooler in a pinch. Good shit.

Additionally, the way in which the Cordura and liners are sewn together provides for multiple compartments on the inside given you need to keep your junk separated. Both bags have a zippered pocket for the more important items, this is where I keep an extra set of keys to my locks as well as things like memory cards. Also, there are 3 smaller pouches that are good for all your pens and markers. The Backbone features an additional hidden pocket that I wish my Citizen had, but oh well.

Now, like most messenger bag companies, Chrome bags are not cheap. But, like the sign at the tattoo shop reads, “Good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good.” You get what you pay for. I’ve been using these bags for sometime now and they hold up like nothing else I’ve had. I know a few messengers that swear by them as well and that’s always a good endorsement in my book.

My only complaint would be the signature chrome belt buckle closure. While I like the buckle itslef, it’s that flashy chrome I am not a fan of. Apparently I am not the only Chrome customer that feels this way as there has been a recently released all black Citizen bag with a black buckle. Very nice. All in all Chrome shit rules from what I can tell. You can find them on the web at ChromeBags.com or visit On Your Left Cycles & Bike Couriers Bike Shop and see what they’ve got in stock. Where ever you go, be sure to tell them Fuck Gas sent ya.


FuckGas.org is under construction. If anyone out there knows how to transfer a wordpress hosted blog like this to a privately hosted domain (which will also be run on wordpress) give me some tips. Otherwise, shit is going to be starting over from scratch…

Bike Tattoos


If you like bikes and tattoos then you’ll love the bike tattoos Urban Velo has posted on their blog. Good stuff, especially that first one… meow now. Give em a click.



First I would just like to note how fucked up it is that the beauty of fall has to proceed the hell of winter the way it does…

Any way, November 7th and I rode to work this morning in a t-shirt and shorts. Damn it’s nice outside and better yet, the weather should be even nicer than I first expected for tomorrow nights River Ramble. Looking to be about 50 (F) come ride time – 8ish. Should be a hell of a ride to say goodbye summer and dreadfully welcome winter with.

Speaking of winter, we’re not slowing down one bit. Don’t think just because it’s cold outside that your beloved Fuck Gas won’t be organizing any rides. We don’t fuck around so niether should you. We said every month and we mean every month. Rain, sleet or snow we will be pedaling our asses around town. The way I see it, the more you’re out in slop, the more used to it you get. Don’t be scared.

Blaq Design

zero in purple

Hey kids, if you’re on the myspace hit us up and while you’re at it, check out our new friends Blaq Design. These guys are making some pretty kick ass looking bags as well as BMX frames and bars. I am fortunate enough to not be in need of a new bag at the moment but I do have to say I may be sending my business their way when the time comes. Maybe if I’m lucky they’ll just send one in for us to test out and review… hint, hint.


Looks like any rain we may get should be out of town by this afternoon and then we’re good for the weekend. It is supposed to be a bit cold tomorrow night so grab your coat and some gloves and don’t be scared to show up for the River Ramble (On Your Left Cycles – 618 Baxter). Remember there’s generally more than enough grillables so if you would like to bring a sort of side item… chips, salsa, beans, beer… nobody is going to complain and I bet you make a bunch of friends. See you there!