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Product reviews are something I think can be very useful when purchasing new parts, gear or well, pretty much anything. What I have found however, is that as many blogs, magazines and people there out there I can hardly ever find a useful review for a specific product I’m looking to buy. Grant it, I don’t buy a lot of shit, and what I do buy is generally not picked up at the mall or your standard big box store so this scenario is partially understandable.

However, in an attempt to counter the lack of reviews for the types of crap I buy, Fuck Gas is going to start offering semi-frequent, most likely random product reviews. Hopefully this will help people in the same boat as I so often find myself in, get a better grip on some of the stuff that we’re buying.

If you’ve got a product you’re interested in having reviewed, tested and/or abused send it in. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be bike specific, you just have to be bike friendly. Some items unrelated to bikes that we have lined up include coffee, beer, and books while some of the more bike specific itmes are bags, rain gear and lights. Here’s to supply and demand!

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