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River Rambled

Saturday, November 8 saw the Fuck Gas River Ramble entered into the history books. As what seems to be a great meeting point, we started off grilling and hanging out pre-ride at On Your Left Cycles. This was a great environment. People from all different scenes coming together for the love of riding with BMX, Road, fixed and cruisers all represented. Everyone had a chance to get a bite to eat thanks to the generosity of Gary & Suzanne (Fuck Gas co-conspirators & propietors of the soon to be Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor), Derek (On Your Left co-owner) & myself. I’ll give Leland a mention as well for showing up with the extra charcoal, but considering he was late as fuck in his usual fashion, we’ll leave that one alone.

After all the food had been properly handled we mounted up, music blaring and headed west into the chilly night air. Considering this was a late night November ride, I don’t think we could have gotten better weather. The thermometer resting around 50 was good news. Heading thru the city and out onto the river walk following the Ohio River the temperature dropped a few degrees but it seemed by then everyone was having too much fun to really notice.

There was a short stop once arriving outside the Portland neighborhood to regroup as some people ride faster than others and this also allowed for our appointed photographer for the evening, Dan Meece, to get a couple group shots. Back on the trail we proceeded past the McAlpine locks, all poles avoided luckily and into the woods along Shawnee golf course. This is where everyones lights were essential. Although, I would say this was probably the most enjoyable part of the ride. Twenty something bikes flying thru the woods after dark, lights blazing along a 6 foot wide path. Good times.

Once we finally made it to Shawnee, more regrouping and a short rest while everyone decided to keep heading west along Southwestern Parkway and into Chickasaw park. A quick lap there then a return lap of Shawnee and we were back on the trail and towards the city. All poles and fences avoided once again while the only altercation came from a bewildered security guard at the locks coming after Derek. Apparently you’re not supposed to be on public property at that hour? Fuck that.

Back into the city and another successful Fuck Gas ride in the memory banks. Next month’s ride is in the works so don’t miss it. Stay up to date with all we’ve got going on at the new site (up and running tonight…) FuckGas.org

Thanks to Derek, Drew, Leland, Gary, Suzanne, and Dan for everything. It just keeps getting better.


Blaq Design

zero in purple

Hey kids, if you’re on the myspace hit us up and while you’re at it, check out our new friends Blaq Design. These guys are making some pretty kick ass looking bags as well as BMX frames and bars. I am fortunate enough to not be in need of a new bag at the moment but I do have to say I may be sending my business their way when the time comes. Maybe if I’m lucky they’ll just send one in for us to test out and review… hint, hint.


Looks like any rain we may get should be out of town by this afternoon and then we’re good for the weekend. It is supposed to be a bit cold tomorrow night so grab your coat and some gloves and don’t be scared to show up for the River Ramble (On Your Left Cycles – 618 Baxter). Remember there’s generally more than enough grillables so if you would like to bring a sort of side item… chips, salsa, beans, beer… nobody is going to complain and I bet you make a bunch of friends. See you there!

Don’t Forget

River RambleThe River Ramble goes down this Saturday – November 8 beginning at 7p.m. with the grill and potluck at On Your Left Cycyles (618 Baxter Ave). From there it’s through the city and along the river walk out to Shawnee Park and back. It’s going to be dark out there kids so bring a light.

If you have any ideas regarding ride destinations, check points or starts send them in.

As always – riders on all types of bikes are encouraged to attend. We don’t care about the size of your wheels, how many gears you have or how fast you pedal.


New video about people riding track bikes and fixed gears in the city, looks like a good one. Check them out at empirebegins.com

River Ramble

When we say ramble we mean ride – fuck walking!

Here we go again…

The River Ramble will once again start from On Your Left Cycles (616 Baxter Ave) and proceed through downtown and onto the River Walk all the way out to Shawnee Park. If you thought Cherokee was dark, you ain’t seen nothin! …literally. Bring lights, maybe a helmet and definitely some food for your fellow riders – we’re all in this together!

Date: November 8, 2008

Grill & potluck: 7pm

Ride: 8ish

As always, all bikes are welcome regardless of wheel size and gear count


Derek from On Your Left brought up a very good point the other day. That being, Cherokee Park is dark as fuck at night so we are encouraging everyone to have a light on their bike. It’s your bike so ride however you like, this is just a suggestion. Hope to see everyone Friday!